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Dirty Annie's Southern Style

That Mom

That Mom

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That Mom by Dirty Annie's Southern Style

From the designer:  "Oh Honey, I'm THAT mom! The mom who sometimes has a short fuse. Who sometimes yells over insignificant things. Who wishes she didn’t lose her temper as much. The mom who one day, sets an hour limit on their tablet time. I’m also the mom who lets them play on it for three hours the next day, just so I can get things accomplished. The mom who is exhausted at the end of each day. Who wonders every night if I’ve done a good enough job. Who hopes and prays my babies will grow up knowing they are loved and protected. Who peeks in on them when they’re sleeping, even when they spent the last three hours driving me crazy. I’m that mom. I’m not the perfect mom, but that’s okay. Because I’m that mom—and that’s a pretty damn good one to be."

Model was stitched on 32ct Putty Linen from Weeks Dye Works

Stitch Count is 96x96

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